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Signing up here will give you access to all publicly available presentations, where you can make comments and read what other people have said. For a small annual fee you can access further inDepth presentations and learn how to put this knowledge into practice.

Emotional fitness is ALL of the following:

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EmotFit Practice

Following on from the EmotFit series of presentations on Youtube, here at Practice EmotFit, you can embark on a journey to develop and improve your emotional fitness.

Mission Statement

We aim to help you to learn how to relax, understand how emotions work and how to channel them into improving emotional fitness and functionality so that you can live a more productive fulfilling life.

By signing up to Practice EmotFit you will have access to the following:

  • In depth presentations on EmotFit topics
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Planned for the future are:

  • Online courses in emotional fitness
  • Online coaching in emotional fitness